Planning Permission vs. Building Control.



Planning permission is the process through which developments both large and small are controlled by the local authority. The process seeks to ensure that developments are proportionate and appropriate for the area where the developments are taking place. For example it ensures that an extension to your house is not going to intrude on the neighbouring properties and is not going to spoil the local area. It also controls development of new homes by ensuring the houses are appropriate to the needs of the community and are in the right places. Some smaller works are permitted without planning permission.

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Building regulations approval (building control)
is necessary to ensure new homes or
extensions are safe, well built, energy efficient and meet the standards set by the government for today’s modern homes and home improvements.

Building control is nearly always required
when making improvements to existing
properties and always required for new build homes and commercial developments and alterations. It aims to make sure that works are well designed and well built.

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